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sterling silver pendant ghana
Joycelyn Sena Zigah honors Ghana with the design of this sterling silver pendant. It is crafted by hand in the shape of the African continent, with Ghana as the only country shown. .925 Sterling silver. details
wood statuette ghana welcome
Samuel and Francis Agbetey recreate an ancient image from Ghana's Akan people. It was customarily placed in shrines to welcome visitors. Named Akwaaba (Welcome), the antique style image is proud and dignified. details
Araba is the name given to every girl child born on a Thursday in the Fanti tribe of Ghana. In this expressive painting from Alex Mensah in Ghana, the young girl carries the potter's wares atop her head, waiting patiently for customers to make their choices. Mensah renders the portrait loosely in soft browns and earth tones, conveying the colors of the land in Ghana. details
dress code
A man and a women wearing traditional African clothing are depicted in this cubist painting from Ghana. Gordon Amponsah paints this sophisticated composition with bold colors of blue, yellow, and red, signifying the cultural unity between Ghana and South Africa. details
village corner
As the full moon wanes, men leave home to work. They live in the Akan village of Kibi, in eastern Ghana. Ricson Agyare works with acrylics to paint a composition that is rich in color and depicts a scene from everyday life in Ghana. details
cotton kente shoulder bag ghana
Fatia, the wife of Ghana's first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, inspires the design of this shoulder bag by Alex Boakye. He crafts the bag with colorful kente cloth featuring a zipper pocket in the lined interior. details
A serpentine figure plays the trumpet, accompanied by a drum that hangs from a string. This cubist painting from Ghana expresses the artist's love for music. Ghana's Nana K. K. hopes to one day be recognized as one of the premier artists from Africa, using a variety of expressive shapes and colors to transmit her inner visions to the viewer. details
woman of substance vi
Appearing like a mystical mirage, three women share a social bond of friendship. In Ghana, a woman of substance is she who not only cares for her family, but also makes a good name for herself in society, says Bernard Mensah as he honors women in Ghana through his art. details
damba dance
Loosely defined figures rendered with bold strokes of a palette knife distinguish this original oil on canvas from Maxwell Boadi of Ghana. The artist's assertive technique lends movement and energy to the artwork, which depicts the traditional Damba dance of northern Ghana. In a world like this, muses the artist, one must know his or her own culture. details
Ghana's Emmanuel Kwesi Nyarkoh presents an eye-catching composition that pulls you into the canvas, depicting a woman on a boat, rowing her way across cloud-grey waters. The artist paints his subject and scenery in the impressionist style, using a technique that emphasizes the weight and importance of the individual brushstroke. He names the painting Nzulezu, meaning on the water in Ghana's Nzema language. details
cotton stocking holiday in ghana
Cobalt leaf motifs grace a sky blue background in this festive stocking from Ghana. White lace and a band of red and green encircle the top of the stocking. Artisan Yvonne Teteley Plange uses printed cotton fabric to fashion the Christmas accessory. details
This playful original painting by Glover Darlington of Ghana depicts a person trying to balance a bowl on their head. In my country Ghana, hawkers are able to carry pans full of items without the support of their hands. When all competing influences are balanced, equilibrium is achieved , states the artist. The bold color palette and Cubist style create a certain tension in the piece. details
beaded stretch bracelet joyful
Textured beads in a variety of shapes circle the wrist in this stretch bracelet from Ghana. Crafted by hand, each bead is made of recycled plastic, detailed with floral and tribal motifs. Ghana's Esther Narh presents this eco-friendly bracelet. details
northern ghana drummers
Fluid brushstrokes and colliding colors lend a marvelous feeling of movement to this dynamic painting from James Amoah Atta of Ghana. The original acrylic on canvas depicts a group of men playing musical instruments in a public setting, with people gathering around to listen. The musicians dance to the beat, unable to resist the exuberance of their rhythms. details
day break
Day breaks above a rural village in this wonderful painting from Ghana. Hoping to one day find recognition as an important African artist, Ghana's Nana K. K. works in the impressionist style, painting the village's huts and trees with expressive strokes. The sky is a wonderful blue, and the earth below is bathed in the golden hues of sunlight. details
bauxite pendant necklace
Showcasing the rich brown tonalities of bauxite, Rachel Armah crafts a stunning necklace. The beads are individually strung by hand in a design with West African style. In Eastern Ghana, bauxite beads are believed to be healing. details
soapstone and bauxite dangle
Ghana's Rachel Armah presents earrings that evoke hanging bells. Crafted by hand, they combine natural soapstone and brown bauxite. details
keta school boys
Robert Osei Anim depicts a busy school of minnows in the rivers near Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana. Darting busily through the cool blue waters, they seem to move in unison. We call these fish Keta school boys in Ghana, the artist explains. They are fried and eaten with cornmeal kenkey. Delicious. details
wood african mask akan king
Named Ohene, or king in the Twi language of Ghana's Akan people, this handsome mask is serenely lovely. Marks beside the eyes and mouth are known as donkor. Donkor is a tribal mark given to protect a child from evil spirits in Ghana, artisan Winfred Korley says. details
big hat 2007
Selling bananas in an outdoor market, a woman wears a big straw hat to shield her from the glaring sun. This type of hat is very effective in providing comfort and shade, says Mark Buku as he shares the customs of Ghana through his art. details
cotton backpack ashanti neon
Ghana's Madam Adwoa and Onyame Akwan Dooso present a vibrant backpack that is reminiscent of neon street lights. A bold print cotton fabric copies Ghana's legendary kente cloth. Two exterior zippered pockets are ideal for holding small travel items, while the roomy interior is perfect for books and a tablet. details
market women
Bright red and vibrant green fruits and vegetables are on display in hand woven traditional market baskets as these six women in colorful traditional clothing rush to take their pick. They search through today's market produce trying to pick the very best for tonight's supper. Godwin Atta Geoman of Ghana masterfully captures a scene from the daily life of a woman in Ghana in this stunning Expressionist painting. details
wood beaded necklace with love
Esther Nahr of Ghana presents this bright, beautiful necklace crafted from sese wood and recycled plastic beads. The eco-friendly design makes a statement with large beads and a bold symmetrical pattern. With a lively texture and blend of floral and geometric patterns, this dazzling necklace proudly embodies a West African style. details
A fantastic painter from Ghana, Joseph Adibleku receives inspiration from his family members, who support him in his endeavors. He covers the tall canvas with blue and multicolored spatters that are full of vibrancy. details
profile view
Featuring geometric motifs in a variety of calm colors, this modern composition from Ghana is painted by Godwin Atta Geoman. The profiles of four faces can be seen against the shapes in this fantastic painting. details
wood sculpture ghana ewe mother
. details
my pose
Her beauty and strength capture the artist's eye as he paints her portrait with aesthetic reverence. She is a Muslim woman from northern Ghana and she's carrying a pot filled with water on her head, explains Nii Dodoo with respectful admiration. details
world map ii
Realized with multicolored squares, the world map is depicted in this expressionist painting from Ghana. Kwame Amoa Bonsu paints this composition for an artistic touch of modernity to your home decor. details
bauxite and soapstone beaded
Bauxite beads form an intricate lattice in a handcrafted necklace design from Rachel Armah. In Eastern Ghana, bauxite beads are believed to be healing. Two polished disks of natural soapstone center the necklace, named for a town in Ghana's Ashanti region. details
recycled plastic and wood beaded
Capturing the strength of Ghana, this necklace circles the wearer with beads of brown sese wood alongside stamped discs of recycled plastic. Sole artisan Catherine Offei Kwapong creates this beaded necklace from Ghana, closing the bohemian accessory with a brass clasp. details

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